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the Journal of Policy and Culture
There is a faculty journal (the Journal of Policy and Culture) to which academic members of staff are able to submit academic papers; this process is open to full-time instructors, lecturers and part-time instructors (subject to recommendation from a full-time member of staff).
Since 2010, The Articles published by the Journal of Policy and Culture are open to public access via the Internet, free of charge.
the Journal of Policy and Culture Vol.20 (March 2012)
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A Stochastic Model for Uneven Distribution of Wealth and Its Appropriation in an Equal-Opportunity Society - Pareto Principle Revisited - Ken-ichi Sano, Masaki Tomochi, Mitsuo Kono Japanese (428KB)
Limitations of the Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY) Method for Allocation of Organs for Transplantation Ryoichi Matsuno Japanese (238KB)
Socially Responsible Investment and NGO—Possible future strategy? Motoko Mekata Japanese (58KB)
How Teaching Video Production Develops Other Skills in Elementary School Students; A Case Study: Children’s 'Making TV Program' Project in Wakasa Takahama, Fukui Prefecture Ryoichi Matsuno Japanese (1,410KB)
The consideration of talented people education for bridal business Yoko Himori Japanese (379KB)
Socio-economic Order and the Spontaneity of Human Existence – Kant's Moral Philosophy and Aristotle's Ethics and Metaphysics – Hiroaki Hayakawa Japanese (198KB)
"Passage to India": The Multiple Definitions of Indian Religion in Nineteenth-Century America Nathaniel Preston English (126KB)
Lectures and Communications
Title Auther(s) Language PDF
Teaching Sacred Narratives: The Books of Moses Mark N. Zion English (119KB)
the Journal of Policy and Culture Vol.19 (March 2011)
Title Auther(s) Language PDF
Institutionalization of Common Normative Values and Economics of Limited Cognition in Search for a Middle Ground between Economics and Sociology: Theories of Veblen, Adam Smith, Bourdieu, and Parsons -The Multidisciplinary Decision Science Symposium Paper- Hiroaki Hayakawa English (730KB)
The Ethical Nature of Human Existence and the Economic Form of Human Actions: Economics Returning to the Ethicality of Human Being in Recent Years Hiroaki Hayakawa Japanese (722KB)
Human Behavior in the Age of Web 2.0: From the Perspective of Journalism, Citizen-Centric, SNS, and Cyber Law Ryoichi Matsuno, Masakazu Ohashi, Kunihiko Takaya, Susumu Hirano Japanese (2,430KB)
Analytical Approach to Pedestrians' Flow Ken-ichi Sano, Mitsuo Kono Japanese (716KB)
Ripe to Be a Bride? Marriage Age in Romeo and Juliet Emily Ross English (144KB)
Documents and Data
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The Records of the Nakasone-Hu Yaobang Talks Ryuji Hattori Japanese (711KB)
Lectures and Communications
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Spontaneous Nature of Human Being, Duty of Self-Perfection, Self and Society, Integrative Practical Knowledge, and Absolute Faith in One's Potential: A Discourse on Policy Studies Based on the Causality of Human Existence Hiroaki Hayakawa Japanese (625KB)
Poverty in an Age of Globalization: Offering a Range of Value-Based Solutions Mark N. Zion English (345KB)
the Journal of Policy and Culture Vol.18 (March 2010)
Title Auther(s) Language PDF
Ethics and Morality: Virtues of Character, Voluntary Actions, Choie and Virtuous Activities Hiroaki Hayakawa Japanese (448KB)
Ethics and Morality: Virtues of Intellect, Virtuous Activities, and Contemplation: From Potency to Actuality Hiroaki Hayakawa Japanese (494KB)
Japan's Breath-Taking Battle with Traffic-Generated Particulate Air Pollution Brian Harrison English (147KB)
Honma Hisao and The Publication of A Study of the Aesthetic Movement in Modern England Yoko Hirata Japanese (593KB)
Teaching English Writing Skills from a Generative Learning Approach: An Initial Survey of Learner Values Michael Brennan English (165KB)
The Status of Women's Workforce and Work-Life Balance in Hawai`i Mayumi Hori Japanese (318KB)
On the Study of Sustainable Social Design Masakazu Ohashi Japanese (897KB)
Immigration Policy for Foreign Workers in Korea: Focused on Employment Permit System (EPS) Sun Wonsuk Japanese (410KB)