Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University

Department of Cross-Cultural Studies
This department offers cross-cultural and regional studies. Culture is a major force in the globalized world, defining a field in which political, economic, and social changes take place, and providing spawning grounds in which human values are created. For this reason, this Faculty places equal emphasis on policy sciences and cross-cultural studies. Because all human activities take place within a cultural context, decisions are better made if cultural understanding is combined with scientific thinking. Cross-cultural studies are becoming increasingly important as the globalization of the world brings with it new projects on a grand scale for building partnerships or communities that stretch over many different cultures. With this awareness, students of this Faculty pursue cross-cultural and regional studies and anthropology, and learn the richness and the diversity of human cultures. Because Asia is the main focus of the Faculty's engagement in cross-cultural studies, Asian studies is a particular strength of this faculty, with experts in Japan-China relations, Western Asia, South East Asia, and Russia. Students can learn the history and the culture of many regions of Asia as well as the impact of Westernization and globalization on Asian nations from historical and cultural perspectives. Students can also pursue their studies on the rapid changes that are taking place today in Asian countries in the midst of globalization. With this knowledge of Asian cultures, students can also reexamine Japanese culture and history from the perspectives that help redefine Japan's new role in the region. Acquiring cross-cultural knowledge and competence, students become ready for jobs in business, governmental, or non-governmental organizations, both in Japan and overseas.