Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University

Challengers' Program
What is the Challengers' Program?
The Faculty of Policy Studies at Chuo University started the Challengers' Program in April 2010, in order to meet students' needs for academic study in English rather than simply study of the English language. Through this program, students can acquire specialized knowledge through English.

As the program name states, the "Challengers" program has been established to challenge students with opportunities to improve their English abilities and to enhance academic knowledge. The program is designed for students who are eager and determined to take active roles in global society or seek further study at graduate schools in Europe and the United States after graduating from Chuo University. Through this program, students can take various courses in English related to humanities and social sciences, such as history, literature, cultures in Asia and in the West, economics, management, and politics. The courses are taught by native English speaking professors, foreign professors proficient in English, and Japanese professors who can offer courses in English. Forty courses covering a wide range of disciplines were offered in 2012.

Among similar programs provided at other universities, an outstanding feature of our Challengersf Program is its diversity and flexibility. As mentioned above, courses are offered in various fields without being limited to just a few specific disciplines. This enables students to take courses in fields that overlap with or are related to their own particular academic interests. In this way, students can develop, in English, the basic academic knowledge required at a four-year university. Moreover, Chuo University operates this program flexibly, allowing those students who are not yet confident in their English abilities to participate in the program gradually and to complete the program by the time they graduate.

Participating in the Challengers' Program, each student can take courses in the Faculty of Policy Studies that best match their English skills and their needs to study specific academic fields. The Faculty of Policy Studies provides education focusing on expertise and diversity with "International", "Culture", and "Policy" as key concepts. In this vein, the Faculty has built know-how for English education, second language education, and interdisciplinary education. Established with such efforts, the Challengers' Program has contributed to the Faculty as well as to Chuo University's commitment to Developing Global Human Resources.

Summary of the Guideline
The application period for the Challengers' Program is each April and September, and students can participate in the program based on the results of their English tests and documentary examinations. (However, students are allowed to participate in the program through improvement of their English skills, even if they have failed to pass the initial English examination.)

To complete the program, students are required to take a total of 30 credits from the specified subjects (provided in English), and the credits taken in the program are counted toward graduation credit requirements (126 credits). Challenger courses are available even for those students that do not officially register for the program, as long as they meet the criteria, such as certain English skills, allowing students to participate in and complete the program as long as they pass the program examinations afterward.