Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University

About FPS
Established in 1993, the Faculty of Policy Studies is the newest of Chuo University's faculties and brings together a diverse range of expertise. The Faculty offers a rich curriculum in liberal education with two areas of concentration: Policy Sciences (encompassing Professional Studies, Public Management and Business Management) and Cross-Cultural Studies (encompassing Cultural Studies, Regional Studies and language studies).

The core of the curriculum provides students with rigorous courses designed to develop their analytical and strategic thinking as well as cross-cultural competencies. Students are required to take case-study courses offered in a small class setting, in which they learn how to analyze actual cases by combining theory and facts. With strengths in Japanese and international politics, law, information technology, environmental science, business and public management, media, cultural and regional studies the Faculty of Policy Studies gives students the opportunity to pursue their particular field of interest with an interdisciplinary approach that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Students have the opportunity to learn the key theories in their research area through lecture and seminar programs, while also gaining hands-on experience through fieldwork, internships, and exchanges. The Faculty has started active overseas internship programs for students to get first-hand experiences in the real world. It also runs special lectures and seminars by distinguished practitioners from many professions and industries.

Students in the Faculty of Policy have access to a wide range of foreign language classes taught by foreign and Japanese staff. All students undertake three years of intensive English study, along with studying a second foreign language. Students can also major in any of the following foreign languages, while also pursuing courses in culture and history related to the language: German, French, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Malay/Indonesian, Russian, Persian and Hindi/Urdu. The Faculty's aim is to produce graduates with the combination of language skills and cultural insight to work at an international-level in business, governmental or non-governmental organizations.

The Faculty of Policy Studies offers students expertise in law, economics, political science, and cross-cultural studies combined with intensive training in foreign languages, research methods, and computer skills. The curriculum respects cultural values and heritage, and equips students fully with new tools, skills, and knowledge that are necessary to succeed in an increasingly globalizing world community. The Faculty strives to turn out graduates who can meet new challenges of this community with commitment, self-confidence, and respect for diversity. By doing so, it aims to produce graduates who can contribute to the advancement and improvement of local and global communities in the twenty-first century.